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What is VPN?

A VPN or a virtual private network provides privacy to your Internet connection, even on a public Wi-Fi network. It provides a secure tunnel for your Internet traffic through which spies cannot collect your data and personal information online.

How it works?

You connect to the Internet from one of your VPN provider’s servers using the IP address of the connected server instead of your own. This allows you to access websites you normally cannot access. Your traffic passes through a secure tunnel, so your confidential data is safe, so you will be safe and anonymous while online.

Why you need it?

Ensuring online security

Connecting to the Internet via a VPN creates a secure tunnel for your data. When your data is transferred between your computer and the VPN server, it is encrypted and encrypted. This makes it difficult for other people, such as hackers and governments, to read and intercept your data. Even when connecting to an unprotected public Wi-Fi network, you don’t have to worry about data leaks.

Your personal safety

When connecting to the VPN server, your data comes from the server, not from your computer. Your IP address will be replaced with the address of the connected server that many other users can use. Enemies can’t track anything, including your actual location. The VPN also does not provide logging, which means that the VPN itself will not collect and share your information.

Ensuring online freedom

The Internet is not always free. Certain social networking sites and streaming services cannot be accessed in some places. Some streaming services, such as Netflix, also control content that users may receive depending on their location. But with a VPN, you can easily connect to its global servers and access whatever you want.

When do you need a VPN?

When you travel
If you are traveling to a country where WhatsApp is not available, you will need a VPN to contact your friends.
When you use public Wi-Fi
Add an extra layer of security to your Internet connection, hackers using the same Wi-Fi won’t be able to track your data.
When you're shopping
Switch between VPN servers from different countries to compare prices and get the best deals.
when you're playing
Collect skins for a specific region to customize your weapon and character and make the game more fun.
When you watch streaming content
Make full use of the VPN service to access various Netflix libraries and browse whatever you like, wherever you are.
When you want to provide online privacy
Keep your online anonymity to protect your privacy and work remotely while working from home.

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