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Hide my IP address

Mask Your Identity and Protect Your Privacy with HideMyIP VPN

What does «Hide my IP address» means

The IP address is considered to be your address or a public identifier that allows you to transfer data or information between devices on the Internet. Every time you use online services, apps or websites, you reveal your IP address.

«Hide my IP address» means that you can successfully hide or change your real IP address to another IP address and fully act as an anonymous online user.

Why I should hide my IP address

Your IP address can really reveal everything about you. It shows your location, internet history, downloads and payments history or any other movement you make online.

Hackers, employers, and advertisers will easily track your information and reveal your privacy through your IP address. So, hiding your IP address is the first but very important step to protect your information and activities online.

How can I hide my IP address

Step 1. Sign up for HideMyIP VPN.

Step 2. Connect to any of our servers.

Step 3. Remain anonymous by hiding your real IP address using HideMyIP VPN.

Using a VPN is the best way to hide your IP address. With a VPN, you can:

connect devices to any of the servers around the world.
remain anonymous with a shared IP address

Your real IP address is masked, and tracking your online activity is almost impossible.

Hide my IP Address with HideMyIP VPN

Hide your location
Replace your real IP address with a shared IP address. No one will know your physical location.
Protect your identity
Your personal information will not be tracked and you are protected from malware and Internet threats.
Global servers
With HideMyIp’s global network and server locations around the world, you have hundreds of IP addresses to choose from.
No registration
You connect to HideMyIp servers, no personal information or online activity will be logged. HideMyIp cares about your privacy.
Masking an IP address
Bypass Internet filters and firewalls. Browse and comment freely and enjoy real freedom online.
Access to websites
Access to everything. You can use any app, access any website and view any content anonymously.

Get Unlimited Access to Any Content with HideMyIP VPN

HideMyIP VPN offers compatible VPN software for all major operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS. Get secure access to your favorite content by downloading and installing HideMyIP VPN right now.